this is my final drawing and my personal favorite out of all of them. i like this drawing because i think narwhals are wild. the background colors are hard to see because i colored really light on the sky.
this is my building drawing. If i could change one thing about this i would have colored darker an added more roots. besides that and the fact that its a house i think its ok
this is my hallway drawing. i hate this drawing because it looks like a two year old drew it. the shading is really light so it didnt show at all in the photograph.i think i would have done better on this drawing if i liked hallways more.
this is my pencil drawing. i chose to draw a a cat because i think they are an exeptional animal.
this is my watercolor painting. I painted a pig because i wasnt motivated enough to think of a better idea.i am glad that i painted it because it turned out cool